Automated Laundry Rack

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Automated Winch Laundry Rack
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​​Automated Winch Rack - Senior Friendly

Tired of manually hanging and taking down laundry? Get our Automated Winch Laundry Rack!

Our innovative solution makes doing laundry a breeze,  It is a retractable ceiling laundry rack that can be controlled by a remote controller. It can load up to 30 kg of clothes and has a stainless steel wire that is durable and strong,  Length are customizable to fit your specific needs.                                                      Save time and energy while keeping your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free. Order now for hassle-free laundry days!

Some of the features and benefits of the Oikia Automated Winch Rack are:

Save space and time

  • It saves space and time by eliminating the need for manual hanging and taking down of laundry.

Customisable length

  • Length can be trim to size during installation  to fit your space.

Energy saving LED light

  • Builded in with 18 watss LED light to bright up your laundry space.
Fully stainless steel

  • Using 304 Stainless Steel, sturdy and rust free for our high humility weather.

Made in South Korea

  • Automated Winch Rack are made in South Korea and assembled in Singapore. 

All models are in stock, lead time for delivery and installation is 5 - 7 working days, depending on our schedule availability.

*Free professional installation on concrete ceiling below 3m, wire tap to existing lighting point.

*Concrete ceiling + run wire & casing to nearest powerpoint using 3 pins plug - $50

*False ceiling surcharge @ $150

*False ceiling + run wire & casing to nearest powerpoint using 3 pins plug @ $180. 

*Ceiling height exceed 3m required brackets to lowered, brackets cost between $150-180 depending of          ceiling height.

*$180 surcharge to mount on metal or wooden roof structure with support bars.

*Free dismantle of existing laundry rack

*Free for disposal of existing laundry rack

*Virtual survey*

*Whatsapp picture of the area you want to install to 9734 8379, we can perform virtual survey, if required site measurement after virtual survey, we will contact you to arrange. Site-survey is Free of Charge.


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